Jul 30, 2016

F18 Worlds Arg 2016: Low Entry fee period ends July 31st

Photo: Marcela Zapiola. Arg Nats 2011. Low entry fee ends tomorrow. For those who are looking forward to join the container Nacra is preparing,  which the IF18CA through its President Olivier Bovyn, is supporting economically on my request,  I advice to those same sailors to take advantage of the low entry fee alternative , as it doesn´t seems right the IF18CA putting money to support the container cost to those who are not willing to take the advantage of this fee discount.

Registration: www.f18worlds2016.org.ar/entry/register/
Direct link to pay entry: yca.org.ar/product/f18-worlds-2016/

Charters: No more charters available at the moment, I'm trying to get some more offerings, I might have an additional Infusion MKI but with MKII longboards to offer, for those interested contact me directly catsailingnews gmail.

- I also need a charter for St Barts or a local crew, let me know too,

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