Jul 7, 2016

F18 Europeans 2016 @Brest: July 7-13

Pics: Measurement process for the day , more at F18 Official Fb page.

Candidates for the 2016 European crown: Neiras & Rucard (2016 French Champs at Brest) ,  Elke Delnooz & Jeroen van Leeuwen, Patrick Demesmaeker  & Tas Gilles , Northrop & O'Brien , and lets see how our last 2x Arg champs and 2015 vice North Americans do. Cruz Smth & Mariano Heuser on their preparations for BA Worlds in October.

For Arg Worlds in  October Nacra has fully confirmed the container from Europe, the  IF18CA will help with funds as we recommended, contact Nacra headquarters in NED for more info or send me a mail will connect you with them.

We are also working for some top notch guys to come besides Iker, still to be confirmed.
If racing at Brest  you can talk with Mariano Heuser or Olivier Bovyn if present for the Euro container.
Worlds Early entry fee for 2016 Worlds ends July 31st. Will be posting this info above during the Europeans for all to have.

Official Worlds web: f18worlds2016.org.ar/
Entry fee payment at yca.org.ar/product/f18-worlds-2016/

Europeans Championships racing starts tomorrow Friday, check schedule at f18europeen.com/le-programme/
Entry list f18europeen.com/les-inscrits/