Jul 26, 2016

F18 Europeans 2016: "Best of" Clip by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride

Video sent by Manu Duclos / Easy Ride Videos. Manu and his team are specialists sport filmmakers and they have deliver some of the best material I published since 2008. I remember those days..,! but seriously back in 2005 when I searched the web for info on the F18s for my own project I could only find 5 ?  at the most of a Hobie Tiger.

Now in 2016 if  I'm proud of anything this web has ever achieved (if any) is encouraging media awareness and investment from the Catracing Classes, major events and later for the new projects. All with the final goal of promoting the sport.
Just search the web for cats images and 99% you'll get a picture published here of any project / class courtesy of the Pro Photographers work. We also set here the dedicated portfolio posts , which I see now other webs are publishing too.

Its a pleasure to watch this reel and the others Easy Ride has made for the F18, specially those from St Bart. Manu is also one of the first to shoot video and take out quality images from that same footage, a task not easy to achieve.

Check the F18 label below to watch Manu's clips from the Europeans plus the great stills also captured.

To contact Manu go to www.easyridevideos.com & www.facebook.com/easyridevideos