Jul 31, 2016

Extreme Sailing Series 2016 @Hamburg: Oman Air 1st

Another set of impressive shots, this time by Lloyds Images / Extreme Sailing Series. Click images for Slideshow and hq. Full gallery and more ino at ESS fb .  Complete  Hamburg report at extremesailingseries.com/news/

I could watch the Live streams and perceived a great difference with the wmrt boats. Hamburg has a small course but I saw some great racing and duels with winners Morgan Larson / Oman vs Alinghi and others, with the GC32s designed by Martin Fischer delivering smooth tacks and transitions even in light winds.
Larson should be called by now by an AC Team.

I'm preparing a Q&A with Andrew Walsh, who is a member of Ainslie AC team and also leading the Land Rover BAR Academy GC32 currently racing this ESS series.

On other news Darren Bundock is working now as coach for his former Tornado rivals , the GC32 Red Bull team led by Hagara & Steinacher.  Roman went to helm after Jason Waterhouse left with Lisa Darmanin and coach Andrew Landenberger to hunt (Landy will like that one)  the Gold medal at Rio.

Hamburg Live replay from today at catsailingnews.com/2016/07/extreme-series-hamburg-2016-day-4-live.html

Results - 
Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 4, Hamburg standings after Day 4, 17 races (31.07.16)
Position / Team / Points
1st Oman Air (OMA) Morgan Larson, Pete Greenhalgh, James Wierzbowski, Ed Smyth, Nasser Al Mashari 188 points.
2nd Alinghi (SUI) Arnaud Psarofaghis, Nicolas Charbonnier, Timothé Lapauw, Nils Frei, Yves Detrey 187 points.
3rd Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara, Hans Peter Steinacher, Jérémy Bachelin, Adam Piggott, Brad Farrand 166 points.
4th SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Jes Gram-Hansen, Rasmus Køstner, Mads Emil Stephensen, Pierluigi De Felice, Renato Conde 166 points.
5th CHINA One (CHN) Taylor Canfield, Chris Steele, Hayden Goodrick, Dan Morris, Fredrik Aurell 157 points.
6th Sail Portugal - Visit Madeira (POR) Diogo Cayolla, Luís Brito, João Matos Rosa, Nuno Barreto, Frederico Mello 149 points.
7th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) Neil Hunter, Will Alloway, Adam Kay, Oli Greber, Elliot Hanson 121 points.

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