Jul 1, 2016

AC45s 'Turbo' footage from Bermuda

Images: Oracle Team USA & Team Soft Bank Japan capture from videos below. AC teams did some racing past days on the AC45s 'Turbo' versions at Bermuda, the 'T' s are being used to test all coming AC48/50 design features. Below two short clips but at least with recent footage from Bermuda.

Oracle: Again the nose down and a 'mmm...' moment, of course totally safe in those conditions but it triggered a flashback to the TNZ almost disastrous bareaway and pitch at last Cup n San Francisco catsailingnews.com/2013/08/ac34-lv-finals-etnz-super-pitch.html

We saw the 45s have great margin in the breeze, but watch again sequence from link  above and tell me this new trim might not end in high breeze like Team New Zealand's hard pitch.

Left: Check Team Japan main foil, already looking like  a Dna F1 L rudder.
Watch videos from Bermuda below: