Jun 25, 2016

Round Texel 2016

Main Photo: Round Texel. The 2016 Round has started in calm winds, Tony Mels posted this photo to the left from his F18:  "When you're not sure if your speed of ground is forward or backwards"

- **Update II via Jasper's help: "Only 11 made it in time at the gate (VC boei).... all other boats need to go back"
- ***Update III by Jasper: "The 10 remaining cats are almost near the Ferry at the south side of Texel. Lots of tactic moves between Texel and the ferries....at the finish (paal 17) they see a little breeze filling in"
- Update IV : "Gunnar and Lisa still leading. The are almost at the finish. At the lighthouse (first gate) they had reduce the fleet from 300 -> 175. At the VC boei (2nd gate) they reduced the fleet from 175 -> 10
Maybe this is the longest Round Texel race ever. Started 10:45, finish ~17:45 But.... It will be a close call... "

- Update V:  from Arg crews at Texel:
1st Gunnar & Lisa F18
2nd Tornado (Colby)
3rd F20
4th M20 Vampire (Sunnucks)

Gunnar capsized coming ashore on the beach while celebrating! Photo left.-

More pics / results when avaiblable.
- Fb  facebook.com/roundtexel
- Official web www.roundtexel.com

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