Jun 26, 2016

Round Texel 2016: Larsen-Westerhof Champs

Photos: RoundeTexel.com . Winners pic by Henk de Graad - We reported on Saturday the 2016 Round Texel was started in light winds, with almost total calm later which forced the retirement of  280 boats, only 10 remained capable of finishing the race as they could pass through  'VC boeie' gate.

Luckily enough many different boats/classes were able to continue like F18s, Tornado, F20 M20 & Eagle 20. But light racing conditions made Flight boats foils not that efficient to compete against the Nr 1 floating cats like the F18 or a Tornado. The Arg crew on an Infusion were shutdown by time on their faces, and were forced to came back, as two hundred more boats.

In the end it was a win for Gunnar Larsen & Lisa Westerhof-Larsen sailing a Nacra Infusion F18 over Gavin Colby & Peter Dubbelaar on a Tornado.

Really good performance for William Sunnucks & Mark Self on the M20 Vampire, I would rather thought the Vampire apparatus was too draggy for light weather, thinking again they can pivot entirely on of their main foils, giving them a drag advantage at least over the other foiler, the Nacra F20 FCS.
Considerations above taking sailors skills and their navigation of course throuhg the Round.

So Gunnar gets another major event under his belt, this time with wife Lisa.
There was a protest on them not going through an specific gate, but was dismissed as the final results were not changed as far as published.

Great result for the F18 also, which remains a Raid machine in any conditions, from 5 to 30knots, the French sailors always remind us that the Formula 18 origin comes from Long Distance / Raid racing.

Official web: roundtexel.com/

Below the only results that matters, corrected time is for monohulls, those Round texel wons by Prindle 15/Hobie 16 finishing 10 hours laters are too awckward, this is a Long Distance Raid and people target a win select their weapon of choice, then again you can have corrected times but as secondary raking and Category/Class prizes.

F18 & Texel Open Course Racing resuls & pics later.

That was a tight regatta for the top 4Corrected Round Texel times at roundtexel.com/uitslagen-round-texel-2016/

Real Time Results:

Pos  Starting Number Boot type  Spinnaker  Team Finish Time  Corrected Time
1 70 F18 Nacra Infusion Yes Gunnar Larsen/Lisa Larsen 06:55:34 06:55:34
2 227 Tornado Yes Gavin Colby/Peter Dubbelaar 06:56:03 07:22:36
3 289 M20 Vampire SCR Yes William Sunnucks/Mark Self 06:56:22 09:22:39
4 269 Nacra 20 FCS Yes Grant Piggott/Sam Curtis 06:56:23 08:04:10
5 273 Nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Yes Thijs Visser/Renske Hijlkema 07:00:21 07:04:36
6 185 Eagle F20 Yes Maarten Van der Gaarden/Jan Hoogstra 07:02:47 07:20:24
7 162 F18 C2 Yes Oscar Zeekant/Karel Begemann 07:03:59 07:03:59
8 112 Nacra F20 Yes Tom Loopeker/marc haazenberg 07:05:19 08:03:19
9 68 F18 Cirrus R Yes Ad Noordzij/Maarten Noordzij 07:07:37 07:07:37
10 125 F18 C2 Yes Hans van Dam/Marius van Dam 07:07:48 07:07:48