Jun 9, 2016

Hobie 16 Worlds 2016 @China: Open Semis cut defined

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"After three days of challenging competition we have now split the fleet for the Hobie® 16 World Championship, Open Series, Semi Finals!

Today’s racing got off to a late start as overnight rain had taken some of the wind from our sails but as they they say, “That’s sailing”. Our Hobie 16 open qualifiers checked out their boats early so that the fleet could hit the water when the Race Officer had set the course and called for ‘off the beach’. The call came at around 11:30am after the sailors had prepped their cats, had an early lunch and even played some volleyball.

Today is the first day in the 21st Hobie® 16 World Championships Open Semi Finals and those that made the cut will be joined by the pre qualified sailors from around the world to wage their campaign for the coveted title of World Champion. It’s time to get serious!

Currently outside, the clouds have lifted and we have blue skies and a temperature of 26ºC (79ºF) at 6:30am. The Dapeng New District is expecting a maximum of 29ºC (90ºF) but it will be hot and humid and feel more like 39ºC (102ºF). The UV factor is once again sitting in the high range.

Wind is predicted to blow SSE at a rate of 6-12kts and it looks like we have a great day of racing ahead of us.----
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