Jun 28, 2016

C-Class Cup 2017: Maxime Loiselle & Olivier Pilon to sail ETS 'Rafale II'

Photo: Rafale I at past C-Class Cup by Pierrick Contin. Below Olivier & Maxime at 2015 F18 North Ams , by Charlotte Regatta / Photoboat.com -
If there is a cool plus high technical endeavour for a Technical school/college students to embark themselves onto, nothing can beat learn the design & building process for the most refined up to 20' racing cat out there, which is without a doubt a C-Class

The Rafle C-Class project done by the École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal
was presented here past year : catsailingnews.com/2015/02/c-class-rafale-project-by-ecole-de.html

For their 'Rafale II' C-Class, the ETS has made an arrangement with Maxime Loiselle , a long time and experienced F18 sailor from Canada, (who also sailed Nacra 17 past year) and his friend Olivier Pilon, together they hold F18 Canadian Nats Title and were 5th F18 North Americans 2015

Great task ahead for Maxime & Olivier  to be handed such weapon built by the ETS alumni, they also plan to get involved in the design and building aspects. they already have great finesse handling no problem the Wildcat in +25knots at past North Americans, and their combined sailing background will serve as a good base for even more refined skills needed to sail a foiling C-Class equipped with a Wing.

More details (in French) at voileenligne.com , link sent by Maxime.
ETS Rafale Project Official Web: etsclassc-rafale.ca
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