Jun 13, 2016

Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2016: D35 LadyCat/Spindrift 1st

All sailing images by Loris von Siebenthal / BOM 2016. Full gallery at boldormirabaud.ch/fr-ch/galerie/bom-2016. D35 Ladycat / Spindrift owned by Donna Bertarelli won again the prestigious Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2016 edition. This year the organizers allowed the C1 Multihull category which are basically beachcats like F18s, FPs or Eagle 20 which won its category. For the Blue ribbon it was again a race for the D35s with the first Ventilo M2 finishing 1 hour and 10 mins behind the winners.  A Seacart and a Farrier also were participating in the M1 Class. Check detail results by Class at boldormirabaud.ch/  (direct link).
Wonde what an A with fitted with spi/codezero can do there in those light conditions, upwind here is the fastest toy around.

Video Highlights above , Live stream replay at catsailingnews.com/2016/06/bol-dor-mirabaud-2016-live.html
Below top ten overall:

Pos Real Time Boat Class sail
1 08:31:10 LADYCAT POWERED BY SPINDRIFT M1 SUI 10 Décision 35 Xavier Revil
2 08:34:58 ALINGHI 1 M1 SUI 1 Décision 35 Ernesto Bertarelli
3 08:47:34 MOBIMO M1 SUI 9 Décision 35 Christian Wahl
4 08:52:45 TEAM TILT M1 SUI 5 Décision 35 Alex Schneiter
5 09:26:24 OKALYS
M1 SUI 2 Décision 35 Nicolas Grange
6 09:26:47 REALTEAM M1 SUI 7 Décision 35 Esteban GARCIA
7 09:29:07 SWISSCOM M1 SUI 11 Décision 35 Souben Mathieu
8 09:29:53 RACING DJANGO (8) M1 SUI 8 Décision 35 jan eckert
9 09:31:15 YLLIAM-COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER M1 SUI 6 Décision 35 Bertrand DEMOLE
10 09:32:38 SAFRAM M1 SUI 50 Ventilo M1 Christophe Péclard