Jun 9, 2016

Americas Cup . Oracle Racing: Airbus design partnership

Video: Oracle Team USA - I like these tech series from Oracle, not much insights but well done informatives for all levels. This time more footage of the AC45 Turbo at Bermuda plus some CFD renders on a nice little clip. We don´t know about their latest foils, but those huge refined  'L' style daggerfoils  (from first rough 'L' mainfoils used in their early AC45 /AC72 flights) keep catching my eye. Also in the video the nose down trim of the T45 is getting almost scary by now!

A similar trim can be 'duplicated' in foiling beachcats raising main foils a bit, being 3pt FP/F20 or 4pt  A-Cats foisl as shown  here for the A & here for the FP.

Ah, for your info  the Chicago AC45 Series starts this weekend... """yupi yay"""     ...after the NY fiasco, I've given up those series by now, meanwhile lets enjoy the GC32s racing and wait for Bermuda!