Jun 17, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik , Darren Bundock: The Pro & the Sailor

Launch Photo Gordon Upton. Check more pics and follow Gordon's updates at IACA official Fb page. Sailing shot by Helena Darvelid --
I've praised Darren Bundock  is now preparing his participation for the 2016 A-Cat Worlds starting on Monday at Medemblik , Bundy continues to show not only his one of the most successful sailors in the history of our sport but also a down to earth guy , humble and always willing to give a hand or tip when asked.

Some Arg sailors at Medemblik, already know him from the F18, yesterday one of them who is racing on a D3 I got him from Arno, went to see Bundy's boat and asked him if he could measure mast rake as reference (with phone level) and the Aussie said "yes" no problem.

That might sound a little detail for some but it's not, lots of stories here in CSN through the years on Bundy's disposition with us amateurs but just wanted to mention it again, aside high level of competition we like good will people to be involved in Catracing , more if they are the ones we look up to , as they set trends and establish the atmosphere for the beachpark and the whole event.

AC45 Youth, Tornado , F16 & F18 sailors we all know him well, Bundy already sailed As in Australia in 2011, but the slow mild downwinds sitting down were not suit for his fast sailing mode so he didn´t continue to race further till he discovered the new As flying tech allowed him  to start foiling downwind in around 6knots , like he experienced at past Aus Nats.

After that he got hooked with the As definitely, a great addition to the Class on his competitiveness in the Olympic/AC arena but mainly as good blocks joining the As like Mischa (who also knew from the F18 which is another group filled with excellent personalities and friends) , or I met in the As from my trips to Bordeaux & Punta Ala like Jakub, Jacek Noetzel, Sascha Wallmer, Andy Scheurer, Sandro, Felix, Georg Reutter, Piet, Graeme, Tibo Laudren, Hervé, Franco and many other nice guys to have around and learn from.
I Need to make a trip back to the US next years to learn from the 'Admiral' Ben Hall, also from Matt Strubble, for me the 'uncrowned Wchamp' who keeps missing to show up for A Worlds... lets see if the event goes back to the US in 2020 to have him finally racing for the Title.

Going back to Medemblik 2016 Worlds , Darren Bundock will be sailing the new Exploder D3, built by Jakub Kopylowicz and developed together with the design & AC level engineer work of Gonzalo Redondo & D3 Applied Technologies.

Bundy, along fromer World Champ Steve Brewin, Carolijn Brouwer (watch out boys with our own 'Lady Cat') Paul Larsen (aka fastest salor on the Planet) and the Polish Armada led by Jacek and Tymek Bendyk, the Exploder team will target to dethrone Dna dominance for the past 4 A-Class Worlds.

Last Worlds Title not sailed on a Dna is Ashby 2012 on the Aus Flyer. On Euros: Landy (Scheurer G6) European 2012 and Brewin (Nikita) Euros 2013, the rest have all to Dna camp including:
 -2011 Worlds Steve Brewin (Dna),
2012 Worlds Mischa Heemskerk (Dna)
- 2014 Europeans Glenn Ashby (Dna)
2014 Worlds Glenn Ashby (Dna)
2015 Worlds Glenn Ahby (Dna)
- 2016 ....??

Darren Bundock's equipment:
- Platform: Exploder D3 2016
- Foils: Exploder Z10
- Rudders : Exploder latest curve Ts Kitefoil style Winglets (For me they'll become the new standard)
- Sail: Brewin's boomless decksweeper
- Setup: Short straight traveler & aero tramp
- Sponsors: Ronstan, Gottifredi Maffioli

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