Jun 22, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016: Heemskerk leads after 4R

Great image by Gordon Upton, best so far from the event, check his gallery and his official reports links at IACA Fb-- Second Image Jodie Bawden. More at her web: www.jnbimages.co.uk
Check previous posts below for plenty more images, 105 courtesy of Olaf Kleijweg, his full gallery at CSN Fb. Paula Kopilowicz gallery at Exploder Fb
- Videos with great footage avaiblable at vrsport.tv -Day 2 & Day3
4 races held in perfect foiling conditions  for Mischa Heemskerk and 4 bullets. The Flying Dutchman
in control and ready for anything the weather can throw at him tomorrow with the start of the Finals. Mischa is in command on the water and in the overall lead, but still has pending to race in 5knots shifty winds like others had to endure.
Check Mischa's speed at video link above plus comments from him and Bundy.

In the second group Darren Bundock unveiled some of his extensive experience to secure two wins in poor shifty winds. Bundy scored two bullets, and is currently one pt behind the leader, so anything can happen and right now is a close call on paper although Mischa can discard at will next two races.
Both have to maintain regularity, Tymek Bendik was 2,2 today behind Mischa for a 3rd overall.

Bundy 'survived' the day, but the worst part for the top guys is going for another Australian. Feeling right now for Stevie Brewin, all that preparation and training to suffer literally all of his races in lousy conditions while others are having Champagne sailing every single time! (speaking of Perfection I can't believe yet Messi's freekick..)

This has to be reviewed for coming Worlds, check my comments from yesterday and Bundock's from today: "Had to sail my ass off today to survive. Scored 1 &1 while the first group had 2 nice races in 15knots our group was left with 4 maybe gusting 6knts. The first race was a Mickey Mouse race in shifty conditions. Sorry for those that scored big as we got the unlucky draw. Still not a fan of racing in groups."

Qualy Groups are Ok as long as they race at the same time like past Worlds or Bordeaux Euros. The good thing is in the A-Class you still need to master floating mode in 5 knots, not and easy task and quite challenging for those without patience.
Also the non foiler vs foiler is an old subject by now on performance in any wind condition, but it is great to have all racing together, I would go again to a major event in floating mode as I did in Bordeaux 2014 with the Scheurer G6 no problem.
Just like Marcin Badzio is doing now at Medemblik, by the way, someone please give the kid some foils for the Worlds at Poland 2017, top 5 talent hiding there. If not I will organize a fund gathering!

Tomorrow Gold & Silver Fleets, there the is not much of an issue to decide a title, as all leaders are racing together. After two non scores, my good friend Julio Saubidet from Arg, put some numbers on the score sheet, nice 12 & 13th in Mischa's foiling group and was short just two overall places to reach the Gold fleet after his two 'dns' from yesterday.

Also nice to see Joerg Gosche, glad you listen and you went racing. A long time experienced F18 sailor and rookie A-Cat one sitting 16th overall after a 7th & 3rd for the day. Are you enjoying the ride mate? You are for sure a 'Grand Maestre' , keep going Joerg!

Official event web Acatworlds2016.nl
Top 16 below , full results Here

pos Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 Tot Boat Sail
1 Mischa heemskerk x1 1 1 1 3 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
2 Darren Bundock x2 2 1 1 4 Exploder D3 Brewin
3 Tymek Bendik x4 3 2 2 7 Exploder D3 Bryt Sails
4 Steve Brewin 1 3 4 x6 8 Exploder D3 Brewin
5 Adam Beattie x12 4 3 3 10 Exploder D3 Brewin
6 Jacek Noetzel 4 4 5 x23 13 Exploder D3 Brewin
7 Bruce mahoney 3 5 6 x6 14 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
8 Thomas Paasch 5 6 x8 4 15 Nikita North
9 Bob Baier 6 2 7 x8 15 Scheurer G7 Ashby
10 Roeland Wentholt x15 6 6 5 17 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
11 Sandro Caviezel 7 7 x12 4 18 Scheurer G7 Landenberger
12 Jakub Surowiec x14 7 5 7 19 Exploder Bryt Sails
13 PJ Dwarswuis x17 1 9 10 20 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
14 Dominik Peikert 7 11 2 x15 20 Marstrom
15 Emmanuel Dodé 5 5 11 x12 21 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
16 Carolijn Brouwer 6 8 11 x22 25 Exploder D3 Brewin

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