Jun 23, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 4, Heemskerk x 6

Images: Gordon Upton from today plus Olaf Kleijweg (Mischa) , Jodie Bawden (Jacek foiling) -  Full Day 4 Gallery & report by Gordon at IACA Fb.
- Video  by Vrsportv Day4
All Bullets for Mischa Heemskerk on Thursday. His 2nd A-Cat World Title is at hand tomorrow. More perfect scores for the Speed Master today, with Darren Bundock still with some chances? He needs to win both (if raced) tomorrow and wait for Mischa to put some high pts in his sheet, which seems remotely possible now with the performance the leader has been showing the whole week.

Great racing by the big guy, total control in foiling conditions.   More breeze today and Jacek Noetzel decided to finish the event with style scoring two 3rds. Always good to see the Polish A-Cat smiling Patriarch doing well,  who besides racing at top level also puts plenty of hours back home in his Club, UKS Navigo,  to promote the sport and give local kids someone to look up for.
Jacek will be hosting 2017 Worlds at Sopot, check official web at Aclassworlds2017.pl.

Carolijn Brouwer printed 15 & 10th in the Gold fleet in the breeze, she learnt to foil some months ago, what she can achieve with a full year of training? Hopefully she will bring more girls to the As, like the Nacra 17 helms & crews.

Buoy photo above by Gordon Upton, (click for bigger size). Sandro showing us his aero mods, if we had any doubt on how they look. I like much better the G7 lowered beams.
Long day on the water, Silver fleet couldn´t even start a race on a dropping breeze. Check comments below by Arno on tomorrow's logistics.

Official web: Acatworlds2016.nl
Top 15 follows, complete results for Gold here.
Below report by Arno Terra with feedback from Mischa & Carolijn.
Day 4
"Both Carolijn and Mischa reported wonderful foiling conditions in race one and the first half of the second race. Excellent fun in 12-15 knots, although the fleet had to gybe to reach the first upwind mark after the raincloud had vanished.

Mischa showed excellent speed and sailed with a very high traveller and a lot of twist. Jacek was happy that finally was in the right flight and showed excellent form by scoring two thirds. Darren was bothered by a plastic bag on his rudder in the first race and still managed to recover from 40 until 11.
Good results from Roeland and Bruce in both races who both remain in the top 10.

Tomorrow first Silver then Gold then Silver. If no second gold race is sailed Mischa will be crowned as champion, but he might score even more bullets as the weather forecast shows perfect foiling conditions with 9-11 kts.

I know Darren will give his best to push Mischa.
We have 4 types of boat in the top 10 F1, D3, Nikita and G7. Thomas Paasch is sailing a new Nikita with DNA rudders and boards, a great example for others we may want to upgrade their older boats.

Mischa told me that he gets better and better in fine-tuning his set-up, just a millimeter more or less on either rudder rake or daggerboard rake to get the best balance for the circumstance. Too much nose down makes the boat fall of the foils or can make the weather hull hook in the waves which will cause a nasty capsize.

Darren, Mischa, Stevie, Jacek and Tymek all put considerable time in practicing and perfecting their boats lay-out and set-up, but fortunately for the lesser gods Roeland and Bruce show that even with less practice you can score excellent results, Competitive foiling is definitely not for just the Pro's.
One more day..."


- Top 15 follows, complete results for Gold here. Video by  Watersportverbond here

Pos Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Tot Boat Sail
1 Mischa Heemskerk x1 1 1 1 1 1 5 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
2 Darren Bundock 2 2 1 1 x11 2 8 Exploder D3 Brewin
3 Steve Brewin 1 3 4 5 2 x6 15 Exploder D3 Brewin
4 Tymek Bendyk 4 3 2 2 x8 7 18 Exploder D3 Bryt Sails
5 Jacek Noetzel 4 4 5 x23 3 3 19 Exploder D3 Brewin
6 Bruce Mahoney 3 5 6 x6 6 4 24 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
7 Roeland Wentholt x15 6 6 5 4 5 26 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
8 Adam Beattie 12 4 3 3 5 x17 27 Exploder D3 Brewin
9 Bob Baier 6 2 7 x8 7 8 30 Scheurer G7 Ashby
10 Thomas Paasch 5 6 8 4 10 x15 33 Nikita North
11 Sandro Caviezel 7 7 x12 4 12 12 42 Scheurer G7 Landenberger
12 PJ Dwarswuis x17 1 9 10 14 11 45 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
13 Emmanuel Dodé 5 5 11 12 x18 13 46 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
14 Jakub Surowiec 14 7 5 7 13 dnf 46 Exploder D3 Bryt Sails
15 Carolijn Brouwer 6 8 11 x22 15 10 50 Exploder D3 Brewin