Jun 3, 2016

A-Class: Euro Spring @Circolo Vela Arco 2016: Keller leads

All images Circolo Vela Arco , first pic Bendyk & Mischa upwind reaching the top mark - Full gallery facebook.com/CircoloVelaArco/ - Thilo Keller leads after 3 races held at Garda. Like last year when he won the event, Thilo is racing floating mode against some top notch foilers. 1 to 1 performance cannot be matched , nevertheless another great proof from Thilo on the need to have a consistent regatta which is won long run through the week.

On performance and conditions Thilo tells the story for the day: "Conditions were as usual at Garda. Race 1 and 2 up to 20knots. Race 3 in a dying breeze ending in floating mode downhill. Tim Bendyk Pol 15 was super fast in race 3 with a 15 minutes gap to me. Sadly he had an ocs. Mischa is quick too, but found a vacuum in the 3rd race and lost many spots."

Apart from Thilo I have feedback from an Arg sailor at Garda who couldn´t race , and the common voice is that Tim Bendyk is doing really good on the new Exploder D3. As reported by Thilo he did good in the breeze 2nd & 1st against top notch  Mischa Heemskerk/F1 combo and he was leading the 3rd by miles, but with ocs.

Still much to race and test till Medemblik, but for these 3 races it was a good day for the Class in terms of competitive sailing and different designs: Keller leading floating mode on his Arrow, Mischa/F1/Mischa Sails winning the first race and Bendyk/Exploder D3 winning the 2nd and 3rd (ocs) on the water.

Tymek is sailing a D3 with L2 rudders & Z10 foils / Bryt Sails and one layer tramp. Together with Marcin Badzio they are the young guns and future Champs from Poland as we've been saying for some years now.
Mischa is the benchmark in the Class along Ashby and on Thilo, well... lets see what he can do when getting airborne ... Come on Thilo! get on foils and put up your A-Cat Wing also!

Official web for Circolo Vela Arco: circolovelaarco.it/regate/7-4-a-class-championship
Top ten below. Full results at  circolovelaarco.it/images/A_3.pdf

Pos Numero sail Crew
Mode Tot 1 2 3
1 GER 7 THILO KELLER, Classic, 9,0 4 4 1
2 NED 7 MISCHA HEEMSKERK, Foiling, 12,0 1 2 9
3 POL 151 JAKUB SUROWIEC, Foiling, 13,0 5 6 2
4 SUI 6 SERGIO VELA, Foiling, 19,0 9 3 7
5 GER 14 BOB BAIER, Foiling, 20,0 6 8 6
6 GER 76 HELMUTH STUMHOFER, Foiling, 23,0 7 5 11
7 SUI 65 CHARLES BUECHE, Foiling, 31,0 13 10 8
8 SWE 59 FARNESI ALBERTO, Classic, 32,0 15 7 10
9 FRA 117 LOÏC DONY, Classic, 37,0 12 12 13
10 POL 15 TYMOTEUSZ BENDYK, Foiling, 40,0 2 1 ocs