May 10, 2016

AC45s @New York: Ainslie tells it like it is...

Image: Ricardo Pinto / ACEA - "Amazing" , "Insane crowd" ? To me it was an embarrassment for the Americas Cup history. If you want to put on a show make some speed trials in front of the crowd, give them a something to cheer for,  and then carry on the races in the due area , providing the public with giant screens to follow the action if any.
No need to force such lame spectacle we've seen (those lucky ones..) past weekend.
I cannot understand neither how they worry for 5-10k? people and leave  World wide audience wondering what is going on. If any doubt,
I repeat Stadium Racing sucks.  NY was awful racing.

If any doubt listen to those who know a 'little' than any of us and read Ben Ainslie's article at the Telegraph: "In my opinion the last place on earth you would want to put a race course" -