May 26, 2016

A2V - Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels

Finally a project targeting a wing crossection as part of the cat platform design. I thought Dna would go for such concept beyond all the cool aero fairings. For instance the F1 front beam/tramp does not applies a proper aerodynamic lift wing cross section on its shape  to my knowledge, of course is not that easy to implement on A-Cat neither and efficiency should be weighted, but I always wondered on a beam/tramp combo designed with a wing section.
Americas Cup flying cats have net tramps so they are limited in this regard too, focusing also on fairings and not on integrated wing shaped platforms from beam to beam.

The guys at Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels, are using this concept as an alternative to foils,
Video and links sent today  Gianluca Guelfi who is a Naval Architect / R&D Engineer for Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels.

Lots of questions comes to mind, specially on safety, blown out a la F1 cars and implementation for larger vessels and sailing cats. I'll prepare a Q&A with him later, below main concept, for more info at their web & Fb page.

"A2V is a new generation of transportation vessels using aerodynamics to improve energy efficiency.
During the last two years, the A2V team of naval architects and CFD specialists developed
a revolutionary shape able to safely transfer ships weight from water to air.

The required propulsive power depends mostly on the weight carried by the water. Reducing this weight is the key to greater efficiency. "