May 16, 2016

A-Class, Swiss Nats 2016: Mischa Heemskerk 1st

Graet pics , all sent by Aron Steimann / Scheurer Bootwerft. Mischa Heemskerk won the 2016 Swiss Nats held at Maccagno this past weekend. The Flying Dutch on his F1 scored 5 bullets and retired from the 6th race. Sascha Wallmer & Sandro Caviezel with the Scheurer G7 and latest foils devel finished 2nd and 3rd.

Sandro commented they are quite happy with their peformance on the G7 and that on the F1s  only Mischa got ahead of the Swiss Scheurer Team.
On upwind foiling Mischa got some airtime, Sandro got upwind flight too on a big lift reaching the windward mark, doing 18knots upwind  during racing, "crazy stuff!"  he remarks,
Penco, Franco, Roland, Mischa & PJ on the F1 and Sacha, Sandro, Helmut and Baier on the G7 with new foils also Marco Götz.

Roland Wentholt also with a good performance but had a crash with Franco and missed two races. Franco gave his own F1 to Roland to compete the rest of the series, that is what you call a gentleman beyond any details on the hit. We all know that is not a common action in the sailing world.

On the performance World top two A-Cat sailor,  Mischa Heemskerk, dominated on the F1/Mischa Sails, while Sascha & Sandro were confortable and consistent too in the top 3 during the regatta with the G7/Landenberger platform. So all camps rather happy at the 2016 Swiss Nats. Next big event previous Medemblik is Spring European at Garda.

Top Ten below, full results at

Crew Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Boat
Mischa Heemkskerk 5 1 1 1 1 1 ret DNA F1
Sascha Wallmer 12 3 2 3 2 2 x4 Scheurer G7
Sandro Caviezel 13 2 3 4 x5 3 1 Scheurer G7
PJ Dwarshuis 23 5 5 x8 4 7 2 DNA F1
Paolo Penco 24 6 4 6 x8 5 3 DNA F1
Bob Baier 34 4 dnf 9 6 9 6 Scheurer G7
Helmut Stumhofer 34 7 8 5 7 x10 7 Scheurer G7
Marco Goetz 42 10 10 7 9 6 ret Scheurer G7
Daniele Menegatti 53 9 6 10 18 ocs 10 -
Marco Gaeti 55 11 7 12 x14 12 13 -

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