Apr 7, 2016

US Stunt 9s: Trim & Fly smoothly

The Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci emulates Moth wand systems which also require you to spend time finding the right setups & trims. John Tomko (F18 & FP sailor) and others sailors in the US are having several sessions on two Stunt 9 recently arrived to Texas coasts thanks to Charlie Mayer, and after some sails out the group is getting the trim point and hours onboard to achieve  some perfect flights on the little great foiling machine Michele designed & built.

Smooth sailing above by Tomko. With current A-Class you can reach same level but the learning curve in handling and setup is also much steeper than the out of the box foiling Stunt 9, which is again a great recreational foiling cat. Best out there for single handed sailing.