Apr 24, 2016

Row & Sail Multi: Race to Alaska on a 'Liteboat'

The drive some people have to attempt these challenges is remarkable. This same drive is is what keep adventurers alive, and the 'Endurance' story always comes to mind...
Programmed raids and crossing are also to respect, being sailing or rowing across the Atlantic , or racing to Alaska on an hybrid open waters rowboat equipped with a main & Spi like this special and quite interesting project sent by Nicolas Nerau & Mathieu Bonnier. Watch video above also to see the Liteboat in rowing & pretty good sailing mode:
"Liteboat is building innovative rowing boats in France, especially light, stable and easy. More than 200 boats have been built in 2015, and shipped to 25 countries around the world !

Liteboat, it's also an innovation and challenge spirit, to make rowing easy for everyone with high quality boats, built in composite thanks to vacuum infusion technology.

Mathieu Bonnier, founder of the company, but also solo rowing adventurer (Transatlantic race, North-West passage) is involved this year in a new project : he'll be part the 23rd of june of a new adventure race called Race To Alaska (www.r2ak.com).

Program: 750miles journey along the west coast of Canada up to Alaska, without any assistance and with no motor. All of the Liteboat team is involved into this project, to build a unique trimaran, combining sailing and rowing. Based on one of our rowing boats, this prototype has been designed by the architect Sam Manuard.

Find some pics of the boat and the building on this page : www.liteboat.fr/en/race-to-alaska
More info on the Liteboat range at www.liteboat.fr