Apr 6, 2016

New foiling dinghy: The Ifly

Sent by Devic Hervé  -- "Our company has developed a Flying dinghy  called "Ifly" .
The all project came from  an idea of Sebastien Col (one of the most successful  french sailor)

The Ifly has been designed during summer and Autumn  2014 by what I will call the Ifly design team:
- Sam Manuard (naval designer),
- Dimitri Despierres (Naval engineer, under contract with Oracle team),
- Sebastien col (as  manager )
- Hervé Devic (boat builder, manager of Tocatec ) .

In January 2016 the first "Ifly" was launched . With the fine tune of Sebastien Col the" Ifly " shows a very good stable flight .

The original idea was to provide a new flying dinghy to young sailors (the actual choice is: Laser, 420, 29er !!!!!) Then we enlarge the specs  to 80 kg .

We are still in development , but we should be ready to deliver the first "Ifly" by the end of September 2016

you can see the "Ifly" on facebook : facebook.com/Ifly.eu/?ref=ts&fref=ts
and on the website : www.ifly.eu.com

also on facebook : facebook.com/Tocatec-Herv%C3%A9-Devic-446353365556989/?fref=ts

Attached one picture of the Ifly during a sailing test in January 2016. "