Apr 3, 2016

Nacra 17s @Palma 2016: They won again

Photo 1 by Laurens Morel / Saltycolours.com - Photo 2&3  Bernardí Bibiloni / Sofia. --- Billy & Marie are making history in each regatta they've entered since 2013 in the new Nacra 17 Class, which  was launched after the Tornado was put out after 2008. Besson has an additional record on grabbing the 2013 F18 World championship with Jeremy Lagarrigue at Grossetto.
This week at Palma the French stars put  yet another trophy in their shelves, for a change they won the event the day before the Meda Race.

The MR was won by Santi Lange & Ceci Carranza showing how "grandpa's" experience and knowhow will play a big role in a 20 boat fleet at Rio. Seeing shot to the left left Santi went for another port start, but behind the fleet.
Last medal race he went for the pin but was short to pass ahead the fleet.

For the final spots for the Olympics Sofia Bekatorou & Michael Patniotis got the last European slot for Greece and Heidi Gharbi & Rihab Hammani got theirs for Tunisia. Need to check what happened to Kohlhoff & Wener with 5 DNC, when they were leading the qualy for the German team. Erichsen & Spitzmann did a great job eitherway with a 6th overall.

Iker Martinez couldn´t race on his injury from last Worlds at Florida so think Echavarri& Pacheco will represent Spain. Truly  a pity that selection no been defined on the water, extremely bad luck for Iker.

Final Countries to be represented in Rio:
1) ARG – Santiago Lange & Cecilia Carranza Saroli
2) ARU – Nicole van der Velden & Thijs Visser
3) AUS – Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin
4) AUT – Thomas Zajac & Tanja Frank
5) BRA – Samuel Albrecht & Isabel Swan
6) CAN – Luke Ramsay & Nikola Girke
7) DEN – Allan Norregaard & Annette Viborg Andreasen
8) ESP – Echavarri & Pacheco *
9) FRA – Billy Besson & Marie Riou
10) GBR – Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves
11) GER – Jan Hauke Erichsen / Lea Spitzmann
12) ITA – Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri
13) NED – Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning
14) NZL – Gemma Jones & Jason Saunders
15) SIN – Justin Liu & Denise Lim
16) SUI – Matías Bühler & Nathalie Brugger
17) URU – Pablo Defazio & Mariana Foglia
18) USA – Bora Gulari & Louisa Chafee
19) GRE -
20) TUN -

Top ten below, full results at trofeoprincesasofia.org/en/default/races/race-resultsall

SAIL #BOW#CREWNetTot123456789101112131415MR
1FRA 11Billy Besson / Marie Riou606811188154114451320
2AUT 2775Thomas Zajac / Tanja Frank10414922BFD104921117521075414
3DEN 27Allan Norregaard / Anette Viborg1091227767111DPI9101210313654
4ESP 02814Fernando Echavarri / Tara Pacheco1121271115933101214727923128
5ITA 32Vittorio Bissaro / Silvia Sicouri11816346BFD1311211531018168218
6GER 25813Jan Hauke Erichsen / Lea Spitzmann134179894UFD153165111136813616
7GBR 12010Tom Phipps / Nikki Boniface1481721916132127324413581019710
8ARG 22611Santiago Lange / Cecilia Carranza Saroli15219712511167542218495UFD12202
9CAN 3059Luke Ramsay / Nikola Girke157182131451218152231425111241112
10SUI 2204Joao Siemsen / Nathalie Brugger1581909881854183215787261186

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