Apr 19, 2016

Mitch Booth's 50mts superyacht project: The 'BlackCat'

Renders and Press release below comments sent by media(at)fretterogerson.com -  Mitch Booth have been  always involved in the best Multi projects, being founding the X40s , to the overhauling the Tornado to become 'Sport' adopting double trap & spi, racing first series of the AC45s and now launching this literally off the scale 50mts superyacht a la 'Wally'.   For reference a Gunboat 66 has 20mts... this 'BlackCat' project aims for doubling that size.
Beyond the cool renders and concept the real challenge for this project will be holding platform & rig together while sailing at 30knots as pretended , and also see which sea conditions this beast can take.

I have a pending interview with Mitch I'm preparing so we'll get those details in few weeks.
Meanwhile click renders to see full size, specially first two. 50mts is too much, but if  Mitch is behind this project there is clearly demand for such monster.

The big question would be nowadays: "It will foil too?"..............
Below press release sent by blackcat-superyachts.com media(at)fretterogerson.com
BlackCat: A new breed of superyacht is Born

"Today we are proud to announce the new brand of superyacht catamarans: The BlackCat is officially here. The BlackCat brand, founded by champion Australian yachtsman Mitch Booth, will set the standard in large luxury cruising multihulls. BlackCat has teamed up with world-renowned superyacht designer, Malcolm McKeon, to produce an extraordinary balance of sleek, state-of-the-art designs and high-performance.

“This ‘supercat’ concept is really exciting because there is nothing else available that combines the practicality of an enormous, stable, platform, with exhilarating performance. The accommodation space on board is a whopping 340 square metres, all within a 50-metre vessel; something that has not been done until now. It’s a logical progression for superyacht designs to move towards catamarans. There are so many advantages to large multihull cruising compared to our monohull cousins, such as speed, space, low heel, comfort, the list goes on and on”, Booth said.

“I’m thrilled that we’re designing this new style of catamaran. There’s been a space in the market for some time for a large catamaran design that can offer the luxury and quality of a superyacht this size, and also provide this level of stability and high performance." McKeon said. “I’ve noticed a heightened interest in catamaran discussions recently, perhaps due to the increased awareness of the America’s Cup racing yachts. This has led to additional research being carried out in various areas, which has been helpful for us in developing the design of this high-performance carbon-fibre ‘supercat’ where the latest building technology and materials will be used. I’m very excited to be leading the design of this project.”

Each design will be tailor-made down to the smallest of detail, to suit each customer’s wishes, in a process that can take many thousands of design man-hours to reach the required level of refinement for this quality of superyacht. Technology has progressed and BlackCat is leading the evolution of the cruising catamaran.

BlackCat superyachts will be made completely from carbon fibre and this 50-metre version will be the largest single-structure carbon-fibre yacht in the world. The extensive use of glass in the superstructure will provide a wonderful light and airy feel to the spacious interior. They will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 knots in an effortless and comfortable way, and the shallow draft will provide more options for harbour and anchor locations.

The BlackCat superyacht features a large main deck that allows for greater flexibility and provides the perfect entertainment platform. The very low levels of roll and pitch movement provide an extremely stable deck for comfortable nights at anchor.

Other advantages include lower fuel and crew costs due to its lightweight and low-drag design and ease of sailing.

The BlackCat superyacht team offers a complete range of services from concept design right through to build management and launch.

About BlackCat:
BlackCat superyachts are the new breed of catamarans. Founded in 2015 by Mitch Booth, the BlackCat brand sets the standard in large cruising catamarans. Our team of expert consultants in design, engineering, build, sails and mast will create and deliver the ultimate cruising multihull.

About Mitch Booth (AUS), BlackCat founder:
Mitch has spent more than 40 years racing virtually every type of catamaran in a career which has earned him two Olympic medals and a dozen world titles on multihulls, as well as numerous awards including Australian Yachtsman of the Year in 1992 and 1996 and Dutch Yachtsman of the Year in 2004. Mitch has been involved with many projects at the cutting edge of the design and construction of multihulls and has been both a skipper and sailing manager in the America’s Cup. This wealth of experience and knowledge is now being funnelled into creating the world’s best high-performance large cruising catamarans.

About Malcolm McKeon (GBR), BlackCat chief designer:
Malcolm is one of the world’s most successful superyacht designers with an impressive portfolio of over 200 boats, 50 of which exceed 30 metres. Malcolm’s inspirational conceptual work, space planning, exterior styling and construction have resulted in over 30 international awards.