Apr 27, 2016

Hyeres WC 2016: New Nacra 17 Foils exposed

Photo: Nacra 17 Class - Full album at their FB Page - As stated in previous Nacra 15 Q&A with Fer van West, the  Olympic Nacra 17 will also use that same foil development. Now Nacra is showing them at Hyeres WCup.
Yesterday Iker Martinez uploaded to twitter a great video of him foiling in current N17 conf. Imagine the flight Olympic sailors will get with this setup above.

Also watch saw the Brazilian team footage published months ago: catsailingnews.com/2015/11/nacra-17-foiling-video.html

Nacra will have the challenge to address the structural issues already seen in the curved boards fitted Nacra 17, and sailors who have purchased en masse the previous version will probably need to reinforce their older boats to been able to upgrade current platforms.
I will contact Gunnar for more details and plans ahead on this regard.

In any case, seen the big picture, great times coming, sailing will have the chance to show innovation and something for new generations to look up to, with a racing flying cat i the Olympics, imagine some 'wise men' wanted to keep the Star for this.......

In terms of  alternatives on which Class to participate or newcomers & Youths, if the Nacra 17 becomes 'Open' instead of mandatory Mixed crews, they will definitely own the double handed racing cat market for good.

Compared to latest A-Class foils this N17 'Z' and 'L' rudder seem to be little less more refined, not on the technical aspect but on the shape, chord & aspect ratio.
For details on the 3pt vs 4pt plus this new foil setup designed by MM , similar to current A-Class flying designs, check Fer's interview from past week.

Below, BRA 230 Flying video published past Novemeber, Olympic Nacra 17 , Rio 2016 version, already flying with curved boards and no rudder blade winglets:

Flying Nacra 17 from joao siemsen on Vimeo.