Apr 6, 2016

F18s allowed to race Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2016 Edition

Photo: Jasper van Staveren / Archipelago Raid 2015 -- The Bol d'Or event management has allowed the participation of the C1 category, and they remark the F18s as the cats specialized in Raids. Participation though will be restricted and a selection will be made by the organizers. Find contact data below to submit your entry.
This event can become on of the most challenging raids not on sea or weather conditions (which can be hard on winds speed) but on the patience and navigation abilities if racing is done in calm winds, we've seen 24hrs in some editions for the D35s.

In fact I think we should organize a F18 Raid World Challenge or similar event, in the meantime the Bol'dor will be a major challenge for beachcat sailors.  An FP already participated too in 2014 timing 6:21hrs

Official Press release:
Sport Catamarans are Welcome
The Bol d'Or Mirabaud opens the C1-type catamarans Class: Multihulls sailed by two team members, with a length between 18 and 21 feet.
50 of them will be admitted, with candidates handpicked based on their nautical CV to be submitted by 31 May ylelievre@nautique.org (see Notice of Race, Appendix 6)

The most popular series in this class is that of F18; bomblets 5.5m who used to play long-distance raids; they are especially used by the Archipelago Raid in Sweden (www.stockholmarchipelagoraid.com); an event during which the crews roam 150-300000, day and night.

The C1 will greatly contribute to the show! And for those that participation of these "small" vessels concerned, remember that Charles and Benedict Pictet, Bourquin Bernard and François Devaud had done in 1966.