Apr 29, 2016

Carnac Eurocat 2016: Day 1

All Images Yacht Club Carnac / P.Vigla. Full album at YCCarnac Fb - I Don´t remember seen Wetas in 2014 Edition? In the F18 Orion Martin & Charles Gate lead after 3 races. Followed by August Maene-Thomas de Somer , Simon Northtrop & Josh Obrien currently in 3rd place.
Full results for all classes at yccarnac.com/eurocat_r%C3%A9sultats.html

Last year the Long Distance couldn´t he beld, Lets if this year we can have a good match between the foiling weaposn. We have 9 Flying Phantoms, 2 Nacra F20s, and Williams Sunnucks Vampire M20, also 2 Whispers.

Check Long distance entries in this Pdf last page. Ratings assigned  for the Nacra F20 is 0.8560 and .8900 for the Flying Phantom

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