Apr 4, 2016

Artemis: Road to Bermuda S2 E2, Adam May on Foiling in the AC

Images: Artemis Road to Bermuda S2 E2- I have a great respect for Adam May on what he had to accomplish along the Artemis Team after the design fail from their first skimming concept. You cannot expect less from an Engineer who also flies Moths & A-Cats. Transforming years of work into a weeks frame to make Artemis 72 flight, after the tests done in SF vs Oracle, was working under pressure at its highest level, let alone the accident of course.  But concentrating a bit on the design the team achieved plenty at SF in terms of design experience and they continued testing different foils setups (quite diff from Oracle's) as pointed out many times. Check specially the rather long Ls they been using, like the ones we saw from Oracle some weeks ago. I still like Artemis design team signature dihedral ones, hope those make to the final boards selections.

In this episode of 'Road to Bermuda' you can watch sailing footage (for those requesting video and less pics) of their 45 Turbo version training at Bermuda, plus Adam's comments on the basics on flying and design targets for the AC. Go directly to the Tech part of the clip at 2min 39secs

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