Mar 11, 2016

Stunt 9 foiling @Canyon Lake, Texas

Michele Petrucci's projects is gathering quite a drive, now selling boats to the US as reported some weeks ago. Video above shows perfect easy foiling it is almost boring to watch. Excellent little cat, best recreational foiler outhere.

I also like Michele's solution for beams attachment, if you could implement a similar strong & super stiff setup for the an A-Class I think we might see more custom A-cats built. I will go for such a system if efficient enough to take A-Class rig & racing loads.

In the F18 / Tornado bolt attachments works well, but in the A you need an elevated rear beam, and you don´t want to get the hull bigger, so Dna/Exploder and others go for a higher back beam, although Scheurer continues to use a dead flat rear beam tube beam without issues.

Front beam Dna 2015, G7 & Exploder seen in Spain have flat ones. 2016 Dna render I made has angled beams.

In floating mode a low back beam is one of the most uncomfortable characteristics you can have while sailing a beach cat.

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