Mar 24, 2016

RSX World Champ & Olympic rep, Pierre Le Coq, by Launay

All images sent by Christophe Launay / . New image & photography tech is changing fast, Nikon has released a new DLSR capable of shoot 4K in 60p, so in theory you can only shoot video and grab pics later out of it. I currently do that for 4k 30p even 1080p. But 60 frames per second and 4 K is almost technical quality perfection.
The only little problem is that technology is not the source of great compositions , it will never be, so you need talent and knowhow to be able to shoot great images as the ones Christophe Launay is used to capture.
Christophe Launay:   "A day with Pierre Le Coq crowned RSX World Champions in Oman in 2015. Now, the 26-year-old will get his chance for Olympic glory after he was selected on to the 2016 French Olympic Team for Rio."