Mar 21, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016: "Constructors Cup" to be awarded by Arg F18 Class

Photo: Kiel Worlds 2015 by Jasper van Staveren - For the 2016 Worlds to be held October 28 - Nov 4 in Buenos Aires , I will put an additional local trophy to award the winning platform & sails builders. The local Class was made possible to the boatyard activity my uncle Horacio Solari had, which permitted my cousin Nadal Solari the resources and knowhow learnt from his father to build the RC F18 hull from scratch in 2005 after a cad I draw while working in the IT Office.
My uncle also learned some wood working from my grand father, Raul F Cassina, who was a wooden racing rowing boat builder and coach.

Nadal and I got the passion to built things from them, his father Horacio Solari sadly passed away while we were delivering the second set of F18 hulls.

So to honor their memory and heritage that allowed us to embark ourselves in the birth of the local F18 Class we will award the 'Constructors Cup' in their names for platform and sails builders. Also it is a way to recognize F18 brands that invest in the Class and allows us to have our boats&sails built on their own passion for the sport , people like Manu Boulogne, Greg Goodall, Matt McDonald , Brett Burvill and many others.

This is a local initiative, not an IF18CA thing and I have asked permission to its President, Olivier Bovyn to go forward with this.