Mar 14, 2016

A-Class, Boomless Main: Cut & Sail

Just came from the river after a good afternoon sail. 6 Knots when launchingt and we came back with excellent 9-12knots with excellent pressure to foil. I took this Landy Maxx tradtional cut sail from a friend to a local loft to re cut as decksweeper shape and also make it boomless proof.

The setup and launching of an A-Class just become even more easier. The sail worked good upwind in firm 8 knots again Mischa's boat, maintaining angle and speed. In 6knots inside & downwind I also noticed the sail responded well having little more speed than Mischa's boom setup, but that was handling in the calm I guess, in any case the sail did good. The boat is a Dna 2013 retrofitted with Dna and Exploder T rudders from a friend who asked me to do the sail cut.

Foiling was smoother with this sail too, you feel a lot of power when wind pressure is on.

The new cut & boomless main feels super smooth.  I still believe you can't match 1 to 1 a boom fitted main in every condition, but it is a great alternative to go and train, sail with no worries, racing too as it performs, as
noted above and Brewin showed in past Australian Nats. But lets see at Medemblik how it goes again.

The tacks with this specific cut are a pleasure, you have even more space than with the boom, (this cut specifically, as I saw some in the Australian Nats with tiny room to pass.)

Conclusion: If you have an older sail, even if you are buying new designs from Brewin, Landy (a batch coming here soon from Felix with the boomless plate option) Glaser or Ashby , go for a Cut. You wont regret it, and you will have another sail to use and train. Remember Glenn won a Worlds with a re cut sail, if good for him, is good for you!

I told the Loft guy to replicate what Glenn Ashby did for Punta Ala in terms of cutting & and adding cloth, an additional batten is due, and it serves as an additional support for the boomless option. The mod went really good and with the orginal cloth available (not this case) it can be even better.

In current development frenzy, having the chance to give new life to an older sail and reduce costs (no boom) is really excellent news for the Class.