Feb 9, 2016

New DNA 2016: Holland Composites launches Production

Pics sent by Thijs van Riemsdijk Holland composites /DNA, showing first hull laminate of the new DNA 2016. That yard looks like an operating room. Working with prepreg carbon on allows this kind of cleanness. The hull mold shows finally some real lines, and the bow seems super slim & low, with little volume. Transom is quite rounded, Oracle style, and the freeboard backwards maintains the height we saw on the renders they released weeks ago.

We don´t know how much performance the aero modifications will bring and how the lower volume will affect floating mode in +20knots and big waves, like the ones seen at Punta Ala where Ashby hits and pitchs many times but with great recoveries. This new bow will have less drag and pitch release will be better, but we need to see which is the limit for the new refined foiling As to maintain that still necessary floating / skimming mode in conditions mentioned above.
The new DNA will show its teeth at Medemblik and we'll find out the results of the new modifications. In any case it will look like a weapon.