Feb 14, 2016

Nacra 17 Worlds 2016: Historic 4th consecutive title for Besson & Riou

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Once more... literally "Off the Scale".  Lets take a look to this phrase definition :" of or to a degree or level that is far in excess of what is normal or notionally measurable."
Crystal clear description for what Billy Besson & Marie Riou have been doing during the past four years. You cannot measure their performance against any other, they are right now simply unique , untouchables and one of the most dominant teams I can remember.
The Nacra 17 Era has not known yet any other World Champ besides the French super team. These past four years, since the new class was born will be remembered as the "Besson-Riou" Era.
This is not over yet, Rio 2016 is waiting for them

To complete the podium at Cleawater Allan Norregaard & Annette Viborg Andreasen from Denmark grabbed 2nd place overall. One of our favorites teams, Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri, obtained a deserved bronze for Italy after a rather average performance in last events. This 3rd place is a great reward for them and a boost towards Rio.
The other Danish team, dominated the Medal Race with impressive speed, Lin Ea Cenholt & Christian Lubeck had a perfect start and never looked back.

Watch the Medal race embedded below , forward to 0:05mins , is the first race of the Live replay.

It is also great to see how the British, Danish and other country teams have worked together pushing each other till the last stage, it is really the way to go to have the best team possible going for the medal.
Another great aspect that we've been praising for a long time is the Girl power, being crews like Marie or helms like Lin or Sarah, gets you wondering how they will destroy you in the racing course as Sarah & Matthew did at the 2015 F18 US Nats.
I hope some of these mixed crews can attend to Buenos Aires F18 Worlds in October 28 to show the boys team  how is done.

US Team Trials
The other big news that came out today from Clearwater is the final results of the US team trials. Bora Gulari & Louisa Chafee will represent their country flag at the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August.
Gulari, a former windsurfer , 49er and 2x Moth World Champ sailor has been a late addition to the US Nacra 17 teams , along Louisa Chafee they beat a couple of experienced Multihull US champs like Mike Easton , Sarah Newberry , Matthew Whitehead and others to obtain the privelege to sail Rio 2016.
A good sailor can perform in any class, Bora had a rapid adaptation to race the sensitive Nacra 17, and having US Tornado Medalist & Legend Randy Smyth as a coach contriubuted to a compact team for the Olympic challenge. Congrats to Bora & Louisa and Randy on the achievement.

I feel though for Sarah & Matthew, they have made an great campaign these past years, they even got the slot for the US but couldn't find the needed performance in last two events (Miami & this Worlds) losing any chance to win the trials.

F18 US champ sailor Mike Easton & Katherine Pettibone were close to secure their own tickets to Brazil finishing 17th overall (Gulari-Chaffee were 31st) , only two points behind in the added results from Miami & Clearwater.

Local report later at Nacra 17 Class website nacra17class.com
Top Ten below full results and regatta detailed scores here

NrSail TeamTN
1FRA 1Billy BESSON Marie RIOU10763
2DEN 281Allan NORREGAARD Anette Viborg ANDREASEN165121
3ITA 307Vittorio BISSARO Silvia SICOURI170126
4AUT 277Thomas ZAJAC Tanja FRANK145127
6GBR 254Ben SAXTON Nicola GROVES186148
7FRA 285Moana VAIREAUX Manon AUDINET182154
8DEN 282Lin Ea Cenholt CHRISTIANSEN Christian Peter LÜBECK199155
9SUI 220Matías BÜHLER Nathalie BRUGGER214170
10GBR 120Tom PHIPPS Nicola BONIFACE200172