Feb 18, 2016

Exploder A-Cat 2016

Exploder has been lots of  working & developing  this winter. To Australia Jakub sent a bettery of foils & rudders designs that were tested some of the best sailors in the A-Class. Brewin, Outteridge, Bundock , Beattie and others raced the Australian Nats to test new equipment.

The current production foils are Z10 (used by Brewin & which will fit A15 dagger case) & L Rudders fitted with standard rudder casting.
Using current casting is also good news fro those wanting to upgrade from their current T winglets blades.

Also Felix Egner from Landenberger has been developing with Wallmer & Caviezel (on the Scheurer G7), Noetzel & Outterdige the new Landy decksweeper.  Membrane production  version can be seen in this picture of the Exploder team currently training in Murcia , Spain. along the new dagger foils and the L rudders (covered).

These devels aim to put the Exploder back in the game after what we witnessed at Punta Ala, and with the background info I have on the foil development, plus the work done by Brewin on his sails be sure that the string Exploder sailing Team will turn some heads again at Medemblik.
Photo: Jacek Noetzel