Feb 2, 2016

Diam 24: Team Concise Racing @Barbados

Video sent by Robert Gullan / www.teamconcise.com . Take a good look to the video, current thumbnail doesn´t do justice to this little jewel of a clip.
Diam 24 sailors seem to have lots of fun racing together fast multis in the Tour de France a Voile. Spindrift & Groupama were also participating last year on the new tour . The Diam 24 was selected to replace a former fleet of monohulls.

This is the new multihull racing format coming: Sailing with 3/4 crews on Cats or Tris. Some interesting projects going on in the background,  GC32s are already here for a while but are expensive  and who needs foiling either way to enjoy Multis? We keep having a blast with F18s and the entire range of cats and I wont mind be onboard Team Concise Diam 24 on video below!
A Diam 24 package starts at 55,000 Euros.

Team Concise MsBarbados Diam 24 racing out in the Mount Gay Round Barbados coastal series. I
R Gullan is the skipper, this session was their first training for the Tour de France a la Voile which will take start in July.

Rob follows CSN since the early days and he reports that Barbados was an amazing place to go sail, especially as it was so cold once back in the UK.
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