Jan 4, 2016

A-Class Australian Nats 2016, Day 1: Steve Brewin leads after 3 Races

Photo South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club FB No sailing pics available yet.- Perfect score for Steve Brewin with 3 bullets out of same nr of races.  Brewin is sailing latest Exploder foils developed by Jakub along a known designer. The highlight news of the day was Bundock leading stages in all 3 races, but lack of hours on the foiling Exploder/Brewin Decksweeper  prevented him to nail a bullet. Needless to say sailing against World Champ Brewin and the other top Australian A-Cat sailors is no walk in the park either.

Brewin was the only sailor at Punta Ala who could take a bullet in good foiling conditions to the now standard decksweeper Main sail sailed by Mischa & Ashby.
Bundock and Steve are sailing boomless mains designed & built by Brewin. 2016 Worlds at Medemblik will be a leveled race again with the top sailors using similar sail/foil developments. Although Dna will built a new Aero performance oriented platform (check coming post later) their foils will remain quite similar to Punta Ala winning combo.

As new development enter the refining stage the Class will slowly reach the leveled performance among designs as we were seeing previous the foiling Frenzy. Takapuna Worlds 2014 marked the split between foiler & floaters.
The combo seen at Punta Ala with two of the best catsailors in the World using a new sail design providing extra performance was too much to digest.

In this new scenario if Bundy continues to sail in the As, and travels to Ned this North hemisphere summer he will be a contender for the Title along Ashby, Mischa, Brewin, Calavia and others, and focus will turn again to sailors ability after one of the most critical transition any development Class can literally suffer, which is going from floating to flying mode.

Good to see Outterdige again sailing the As, I think this year we will see AC sailors back in the Class, just wait for Dna preview render I made from the material they released, and will publish next along some CFD videos sent by Dna,  you'll understand why.

- No pics available yet, Full Results at slmasc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2015-16-SLMASC-Day-1-Summary-AClassCats.pdf
- Official Website: South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club : slmasc.org/events/2016-harken-a-class-catamaran-australian-championships/
- Some videos available at the Club FB Page web.facebook.com/TeamSLMASC/