Dec 23, 2015

Kite Foil Training Session @BA , Dec 2015


All Images MV / - Logistics provided by Riders: Tobal Saubidet, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Nico Ocariz & Jose Fazio. --
Kitefoils are current the most efficient racing weapons. New hydrofoil tech has left floating/planning Formula Kite boards obsolete, and the Kite Pro circuit is migrating to Foiling.
This not by trend, but by the simple reason flyers are faster and they plane/speed earlier in about 5/6knots. Fact I see here every day in the river and also on last weekend Foil race, where they were out after a good lead only on wind dropping to zero.

For cats I've been pointing out for some time now that this is where foil tech might focus in a near future or even right now, as proven by the Eagle 20 Foiler with a reported 36knots speed.

There are also two Kitefoil brands (that I know) which are designed by Americas Cup level Engs like Gonzalo Redondo ('KFA') and Giorgio Provinciali (Luca Filippi's 'Banga Foil').
Both foils are similar in concept and have a different design approach from other kite foil desings/brands.

The other reason for the Kite Foilers efficiency is their Wing Kite aero foil , a non inflated air kite which is tricky to raise, but once in the air is much superior than any other traditional ribbed Kite wing. These Air kite foils follow paragliders tech, reducing weight to min and maximizing lift. Click Images for HQ.

A similar path is being followed in the A Class, which constant hydro foil developments and now after some years, pushed lately by Mischa Heemskerk, the R&D is focusing again in Sail & Aero devels.

Below Hydrofoils being used here in BA, and below BANGA Foil &  KFA & designs.
On the kite foil attachment to the board and from the experience we have this weekend, I would recommend to builders to use only 'Tuttle box' system for the foil mast. I've hit bottom many times with my 70cm Formula WS fin and never had a breakage. We saw here at least two Kite foils with non Tuttle box system suffering a clean wipeout of the entire mast/foil after hitting our muddy bottom in  low depth waters. I Detected a poor construction in those failing, and losing 3k of equipment is no fun at all.

Foils currently used in BA:

Gybe Seq:

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