Dec 2, 2015

Bissaro-Sicouri & Besson-Riou Tarining @Cagliari

Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri have Cagliari as one of their training base. Past weeks, Nr 1 Nacra 17 crew, Billy Besson & MarieRiou joined the Italians, who are also one of the top crews in the Class, for some training sessions. After seeing the Brazilians foiling video you have to wonder which level these two crews are achieving while going airborne. I received some private comments but we will have to wait to see them flying while racing...

Like Santi Lange-Camau Espinola did with Hagara & Steinacher, training with your greatest opponent is a win-win for both crews.

Billy Besson comments :"Vittorio talked me about Cagliari, between us there is a great friendship and training together is a consequence of this good relation. The choice to train in Cagliari was a natural thing, and I've been here already for the 1991 Tornado Worlds, the one won by Giorgio Zuccoli.

Here you have also a nice atmosphere and we hope to complete two training sessions now and another in January..."

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