Dec 25, 2015

A-Class: 'X-Wing' Draft Concept

Click image for HQ, - Past days I published pics and videos of Kite Foilers training nhere in BA(check previous week posts) , their efficiency is superb, and I've been thinking for a while (also writing here) on how next devels in racing foiling cats might adopt Kite foiling tech or R&D like Eagle  yard did earlier in the year.
Yesterday I just tried to mimic on paper a possible configuration to implement on a legal A-Class platform. Doing it outside the A-Class rules box is rather easy to implement, but keeping it within current Class limits is the real Challenge.

Of course this Nut job above has no CFD, Theoretical or previous study behind, it is only the result of trying to transpose current Kite hydrofoils to a Cat platform splitting its wings & stabilizers in both hulls instead of two main Kite foils tested by Eagle & Dario Valenza.

Beyond Quant 23 Monohull Foiler and this Outward J conf  render Carl Johan Soder sent me , I also found a Phd work showing main foils to outward. But in the As you are limited in the outward span.
Common sense tells me this conf might work with four foils flat. And heeling angles would bring the design questions to be resolved. I have a feeling this crazy stuff might work though.
You also have a little more room to play with main foil design & shape as the tip exits hull to inboard inboard. (Now some boards tips needs to be cut to fit width platform rule)

Rudders and dagger are inside 2,30 and within 75cm span from center.
Now I will contact some real Designers & Engineers for them to tell if there is any viability and benefit in this draft concept above.
At least  hulls will surely work, are current F18 OP project scaled down to an A.

Next week Scheurer and  Exploder development updates. Plus Valenza's first test of his currently non legal Js boards alternative on Paradox platform.