Nov 10, 2015

Video: Oracle AC45 Wing by Ian Burns

Source: Oracle Team USA -  When Oracle won the Cup in 2010 with the Winged Tri over Alinghi soft sail giant Cat, the US design team set the standard for new AC Cat rigs. Foiling development came next.
In the A-Class foiling came first and now R&D is focused in rig/platform aero performance.
Although Thilo Keller and Ben Hall already tested a carbon Wing on their As, Hall even race with his,  I don´t think we will see Winged racing As any time soon.

AC48 for Bermuda will not see much changes on their Wings neither on rules restriction, instead designers are focusing on platform aerodynamic and we already saw at Punta Ala what those refinements can achieve.
Oracle is currently optimizing theirs together with BMW: