Nov 4, 2015

Oracle AC48 Test Model 'Preview'

Images: Stefan Heigl / Oracle Team USA. BMW is helping Oracle to optimize Aerodynamics "on current AC45 design" , but looking a little bit closer is clear that this scaled model is no AC45, but in my view is simply their AC48 scaled model prototype. The hulls look like a mix of past AC72 & the AC45 Turbo version.

Is well known fact that when wind and boat speed increase, the aero drag factor puts a limit on how fast you can sail. A good example was Mischa at Punta Ala, where he was topping 20knots of speed in say 10-12knots ws, but in 18-20knots ws the boat speed did not increased exponentially. It was a surreal view seeing him going that fast in 8-12 knots.
Mischa's & Glenn platforms had the same daggerfoils used last year, only rudders were different , from 'T' to 'L' winglets. The biggest factor was their sail/rig/tramp setup oriented to maximize aerodynamic performance. Results showed that there is still plenty to develop in that area.

I have a pending interview with Melvin with the Aerodrag factor as a subject for the AC45s versions, so Pete I know you are reading, send those answers back ! ;)
Read Melvin´s comments on Mischa's rig he first tested at Takapuna 2014 Worlds at

Full Gallery & Report by Oracle at

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