Nov 2, 2015

New WindSurfing World Record for Antoine Albeau: 53.27 Knots

Image: Jeremy Lacave - Windsurfers re gained today a spot upon the World sailing Speed Record top vessels. Paul Larsen Vestas Rocket continue to be Nr 1 at 65.45knts, Rob Douglas is the fastest Kiteboarder at 55.65kts and today Antoine Albeu passed the rather old tech Hydroptere, stamping today 53.23kts at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015.
All these numbers under the 500metre Official Records of the WSRC - Hydroptere has reached in 2008 a peak of 61knots.

Actual WS sail shape seen in pic above has been refined for years and are now adopted by Mischa Heemskerk in the A-Class. I foresee a rapid development and refinement on As rigs in next months optimizing even further the efficiency seen in Italy Worlds past months.
We reported Live on the speed advantage of the new sil design and I can confirm again past days on what I witnessed at Punta Ala.

Windsurfers also have a long way to go to get Paul  Larsen Vestas Rocket (who is now also sailing A-Cats after taking one back home after Punta Ala) , but not only on sail design but on board & fin setups as WS sailors are still speeding in planning mode. I don´t they will go for current Kites/WS designs, but I can think of some kind of mini foils in a Tri or Quad setup to retain stability.

Below top records awarded by the World Sailing Speed Record Challenge with Antoine's speed achieved today

Year Boat Sailor Location Speed
2012 Vestas Sailrocket 2 Paul Larsen. AUS Walvis Bay NAM 65.45 kts
2010 Kite-board Rob Douglas USA Luderitz, NAM 55.65 kts
2015 Windsurfer Antoine Albeau FRA Luderitz, NAM 53.27 kts
2009 Hydroptere Alain Thebault FRA Hyeres, FRA 51.36 kts
2008 Windsurfer Antoine Albeau FRA Stes.Maries, FRA 49.09 kts

Luderitz Challenge Complete report at
..."Antoine Albeau started to go over 51 knots and was joined by Patrik Diethelm (ITA). At about that time, around 1.15pm, Karin pushed hard and broke the Female World Record in Windsurfing with 46.31 kts! (Previously held by Zara Davis (UK) at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge with 45.83 kts) and, just 15 minutes later, Antoine Albeau broke his world record, for the first time, achieving 52.41 kts!

Then he never stopped – and broke it 5 times: 52.50 kts > 52.76 kts > 53.1 knots and then the actual World Record which now stands at a highly impressive 53.27 kts.

ANTOINE ALBEAU today: 32 runs total > 13 runs over 52 knots > 4 runs over 53 knots – amazing!...

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