Oct 26, 2015

Red Bull Foiling Generation France: Arthur Boc-Ho & Cantin Roger Champs

Excellent Images by © Vincent Curutchet/Red Bull Content Pool - The French sailing youth are a privileged group, France gives plenty of alternatives for the kids to choose from many great watersport like Multihulls & boarding sports like Surfing & Windsurfing or waterskiing.
And those who embark themselves in the competitive aspect of these sports end being quite successful, like Pierre Le Coq who was crowned RSX Olympic Class World Champ or former sailing kid like Billy Besson who is currently leading the Olympic Multihull campaign.
Billy started sailing multis in Hobie 16 as many of the youth that participated past week in the Red Bull Foiling Generation French chapter. 
Some of them never sailed a foiling cat like the Flying Phantom before the event and had only 3 days of sailing the FP for short periods.
But the challenge was surely all fun for them all. Being able to race & sail the FPs brought them the chance to experience in a scaled format what Franck Cammas is feeling while racing the foiling AC45s.

4 youth teams reach the RB Foiling Gen Finals: Tristan Trébaol & Vianney Bergot , Thomas Tiffon & Guillaume Eliot , Solune Robert & Riwan Perron , Arthur Boc-ho & Cantin Roger

Boc-Ho & Roger won the final race over top youth F18 crew Perron-Riwan, crowing themselves champs of the event.

On the FP 'Major Leagues' next month the Flying Phantoms will race at Bermuda for the final stage of the senior open circuit and I hope to see one of these French kids next year racing along their elder countrymen like Besson, Cammas and the Nr 1 specialists Bontemps & Amiot.

More images and additional info of the RB Foiling generation France  at www.redbull.com/fr/fr/events/1331718213424/red-bull-foiling-generation

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