Oct 30, 2015

GC32 Tour for 2016 , Focus on Windy locations

Image: Sander van der Borch. Many times we requested for the former 'Extreme Seriers' to select venues based on wind rather than going for 4-5 knots 'Stadium Racing', following the path of the ASP (Assoc of Surfing Professionals)  on selecting spots known by the high chance of getting good to excellent waves.
Past Extreme Series streams were painful to watch. Now the ESS will replace the X40s with GC32s,
but the current GC32 Tour & Team owners have decided to keep their own separate circuit in Southern Europe.

I'm more than glad seeing  such a wise decision by Christian Scherrer, GC32 Tour new Manager on focusing the original GC32 Tour on windy locations.
This decision will bring the GC32 a higher chance of exposure with the boats flying rathe than floating in 5 knots and the people in the "stadium" getting 'super excited' by the 'action' they are watching...
Full press release sent by GC32 Tour at gc32racing.com : 
"Following a successful conclusion to the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour at Marseille One Design last
month, the circuit’s organisers have been looking ahead to 2016. They can now confirm that a minimum of six teams will be participating, with more due to sign up to the foiling catamaran one design circuit over the winter months.

With a season running from May until mid-October, the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour will be held exclusively at southern Europe venues that offer optimum wind conditions in order for the ultra-high speed catamarans to spend as the maximum time foiling. ‘Sun, speed and spectacle’, will be the watch words of 2016 with teams able to offer a VIP experience to their guests in the most beautiful venues.

“You can’t predict this far out what the weather will do, but the aim is to increase the chances of the boats racing in 10+ knot conditions most of the time,” explains well known Swiss sailor and race organiser Christian Scherrer, the new Manager of the GC32 Racing Tour. “This is more than enough to get the GC32s not only foiling comfortably, but sailing at more than twice wind speed…Our goal is to provide the teams with the best possible sailing for these boats and with this format we maximise their time afloat and increase the enjoyment of the foiling-racing experience.”

Like previous GC32 seasons, the aim is to remain with four day long events, with modern America’s Cup-style courses with reaching starts and finishes and other race formats tailored to provide maximum enjoyment and thrill factor for crews. The larger race areas provided by the GC32 Racing Tour provide ample runway for the foiling catamaran to reach maximum speed, as well as increased safety while racing."...

Full text at gc32racing.com/gc32-racing-tour-in-2016-the-best-possible-foiling-experience/