Oct 13, 2015

F18 ARG: BA Week & South Americans 2015: Final Day

All Images MV / Catsailingnews.com , full album later at CSN FB - 18 races were completed in 5 days for BA Week 2015. Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser won with a good margin. Second place for Juan Pablo Sucic & Juan Cruz Benitez, and 3rd overall for BA Week championship for 'Toto' Caputo & 'Suizo' Mazza.

South Americans 2015: This past weekend the fleet had 3 days of sailing with 10 races valid also for the 2015 SAs. On a tied first place on points Esteban Blando & Nico Quagliotti won the event after a bullet on the last race which defined the tie breaker against Cruz & Mariano. Third place overall for the South Americans for Pablo Volker & Juan Martin Benitez. Full Results at http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Popup.aspx?Id=1810

These 3 crews are also on a mission for Buenos Aires 2016 Worlds. Conditions were light winds for Monday and 13/17knots for Sunday, completing almost the entire range of winds for the three days of racing with the 18knots and hicg chop the fleet had on Saturday.

This what we will have for the Worlds, either one of these conditions, all quite tricky on the chop or on the current when light winds, so you better try to come and race next BA Week 2016 if you wanna grasp the rhythm needed to sail our Rio de la Plata, you can ask Gunnar Larsen or Antoine Joubert/ Pierre Le Clainche about local BA conditions.

Bundy & Ahsby also were here for the Tornado Worlds in 2006 , but they raced at San Isidro, some miles North of BA downtown.  The Yacth Club Argentino venue in front of the port has more deep waters with higher chop and also more current.

Official 2016 Worlds web: http://www.f18worlds2016.org.ar/