Oct 24, 2015

Bundock & Curtis Nacra 17 Lift Off: Foiling for 2020??

Photo: Nina Curtis Twitter - We've seen many pics of the Nacra 17s going airborne for moments plus  jumps here and there. But this shot is quite special on the height and crew position. Bundy & Nina look in full control.

The image got me thinking on what will happen in 2020 Olympics at Tokyo with the Nacra 17. I see some consensus coming on adding the winglets we asked since Day 1 to make this Class even more spectacular, with occasional jumps like the one pictured above to be transformed in the norm for downwind runs at least.
In such scenario for 2020 Nacra will need to keep taking a special eye to build quality of the N17s on the simple fact that foiling force the internal structure exponentially and hulls will need to be adapted accordingly.

Another thing I would like to see is to replace Mixed by Open, and having Mixed crews beating male crews as seen this week at the F18 North Americans. Final Report & Results on Monday.