Sep 23, 2015

New RBSC SL16 Youth Team: Eugénie Simons & Morgan Wirtz

People appreciating the work been done here is nice, having top notch riders & designers Pros following is a great boost to keep working. But reaching new generations and knowing they also are fans of the web is CSN greatest achievement. Morgan Wirtz sent me a link of their FB page and I told him to tell more us about his new SL16 Youth team formed at the Royal Belgian Sailing Club, ISAF should be awarding the Club a Youth program recognition on their great work.
"Eugénie Simons is the Helm and I'm the crew, Morgan Wirtz. We are both Belgian and 17 years old each. We sail in the Youth RBSC (Royal Belgian Sailing Club) Sailing Team. As part of this team we have trainings and racing regattas each weekend and on holidays.

We are coached by well-known coaches such as Sebastien Godefroid, Paul Maes, Mischa de Munck and Karl Begemman.
Thanks to Patrick Demesmaeker and Laurent Verbeeck who are doing a great job, by managing everything for us! This season, we have been selected to represent Belgium on the Isaf Youth Worlds in Malaysia in December. We are very proud of it. Of course, it includes an even bigger personal investment but it’s such a consecration that we couldn’t be happier by learning that we will be the team going in catamaran to the Isaf.

Paul Maes will come along with us there. Paul Maes was the chief of the Spanish olympic team and responsible of the Spanish Sailing Federation. He was also part of the Isaf « sailing committee ». Under his wings, 13 gold medals were won on the Olympic plays by Spain. We are very lucky to have such good coaches training us all the year long. If you need any further information or anything, please feel free to ask us. Thank you for your collaboration,

Kind Regards Eugénie Simons and Morgan Wirtz ,
For more info check their FB page