Sep 29, 2015

Holland Composites launches & updates G4 #2

Doc sent by Holland Composites update on the G4 formatted to the post below.
Good to see the project is still alive and HC have addressed additional systems and some modifications like dagger case placement to this breakthrough piece of equipment, aka The weapon all hardcore Catsailors with the $ would have.
Looking back to that capsize now it looks so slow motion when I was expecting at the moment a spectacular frontal pitch or something like that.

The G4 was a special project since Day 1, and it continues to be an unique and niche targeted as none other big Cat out there.  Lest face it, if you want to cruise only you go for a Lagoon, if you want to do offshore crossings you go for a Catana. If you want to  race & foil you go for a GC32.

This G4 is One of a Kind and falls somehow in between the 3 concepts with focus on performance, with all the preparations and experience you will need to aim for that purpose.

Check below some interesting technical data and Mischa's updated comments on the G4 sailing modes and how were the sail and foil test stages done so far plus Shannon Falcone experience sailing it back to US mainland from St Martin-
>>The G4 the true performance cruiser catamaran that can fly.<<
"Lots of things have happened in the last months but your last memory could still be the spectacular capsize. As we are in the middle of the build for G4 #2 and we  attended the first Boat Show, we thought it be a good moment to give you all an update on the G4.

Short recap: Holland composites designed and produced the 4 time world champ DNA A-cat and was the first to bring efficient foiling into the Class. Based on that hull shape and by using the same pre-preg / nomex autoclave production process we designed the first ever 40 foiling cruising cat (in St Martin named as the first flying fridge!) Gunboat had a few bigger models and was looking for a smaller more performance driven cat in their series.

The DNA design team is led by Holland Composites’ managing partner Pieterjan Dwarshuis and beside him exists out of Industrial designer Rudo Enserink and top Cat sailor and foiling specialist Mischa Heemskerk . Rudo hasn’t a sailing background at all, which is very refreshing to think out of the ‘Yachting box’.
Doug Shickler of ST yacht is our partner for verification and optimising structural matters .

St Martin will never be the same after last April 2015.
Many of you followed our first steps in foiling a 40 ft cruising cat (6 berths, head, sink, fridge and fully equipped outdoor galley) in a rough sea state like no AC cat would survive. Beautiful pictures where taken and some nice and impressive video where shot. Then we flipped and all went silent but the work never stopped behind the scenes. Check video below with Mischa’s comment on the capsize :

Shortly after Peter Johnstone and Shannon Falcone did the crossing from St Martin to NC 1300 nm in 5 days. Shannon gave a presentation of this magnificent cruising trip on the G4 during the foiling week. Great video of his experience with the G4 :

This tough trip delivered heaps of good info about the behaviour at sea . Great experience for us to optimise the boat in all details .
We engineered new systems to make the boat easier to sail shorthanded, more safe and more relaxed.

What’s new from build nr 2 onwards:
Design of hull and construction will not be changed, we simply had no structural issues at all in the structure, though the structure was tested to the extreme several times including the capsize !

The foiling worked pretty well out of the box. Dagger board position has been brought 35 cm more forward for even better balance during the flight.
Hydraulics are added for easier control of board up and down as well for the daggerboard and rudder rake settings. (Photo 5 hydraulic up/ down/rake )

Using more hydraulics enables us to integrate safety systems that react on pre-set heel angles.
Automatic and fast quick releases are developed for safety.
Using hydraulics makes the deck plan more clean and handling possible for a shorthanded crew, even while racing.
By using electrical winches for hoisting sails we will give you more cruising convenience.

Isn’t there a weight penalty when all this systems are on board? Yes and no. We were already very lightweight and we carried a lot of excess water around in the big oversized daggerboard trunks we built in boat # 1 for tuning reasons . The hydraulics will brings some extra weight , but the reduction of weight because of the smaller trunk , and optimised layup of the structure the boat will become even lighter then the first boat !
Ready to sail with hydraulics for less then 3 tonnes displacement!

Nr 2 being built as we speak.
The customer for # 2 will get the new systems on board and production is well underway.
All composite parts are manufactured, we have started assembling and plan launching before the end of this year. We can give you a scoop to, colouring will be “Ferrari red” how cool is that.

So now you know: the project is still alive and actually has changed from an unbelievable project to a series build performance cruising yacht that foils.

Would you like to have more information don’t hesitate to contact us at
Our state of the art facility is in the middle of Holland with airport just around the corner. Please come and give us a visit during the build of one of the G4’s, we are happy to show you around and give you all information you want.

Wish you all fast foiling with save flights, DNA by Holland
Composites. //

Holland Composites was founded in 1992 and has large experience in large composite constructions varying from large composite faced projects, sailing yachts , Navy sonar Domes and technical composites such as turbine blades .
Examples are Rabin Centre Tel Aviv (photo 1), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (photo nr 2) and Whitbread 60 ‘Brunel Sunergy’ (photo nr 3).

Holland Composites  - -  has the right facilities to design and build G4 cats in series up to 10 per year output.