Sep 6, 2015

A-Class Worlds @Punta Ala 2015: Mischa & Glenn Top Mark Seq

All Images CSN. Rib Courtesy of Andy Scheurer / Scheurer Bootwerft.  Rapid sequence as the rib was moving, but I kept pushing the shutter, and glad I did.  Click images for larger size.
Glenn Asbhy and Mischa Heemskerk are playing another game all together. Mischa I think is even a step above, still much to go, but his foiling speed is off the scale.

There was not much wind, 8 knots breeze or less for moments, I couldn´t believe their speed, as seen above sequence both start foiling at the mark, while the others go for standard downwind inside tramp and no trap these two push the As as I never seen before for such conditions.
Manolo Calavia also foiling good, Sacha & Sandro for moments also.
The swept deck rig beyond Mischa & Glenn's ability I think is playing an important part.

More on this development later in the week with Pete Melvin's comments. Pete used a similar Glaser sail at Takapuna 2014 Worlds.

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