Sep 16, 2015

A-Cat Worlds @Punta Ala 2015: Final Day Images

All Images MV / - Today 6AM I managed to reach BA again. Sleep some hours and I start transfering the last day pics I couldn´t edit at Punta and later in Rome on some flight cancellations (we needed to step out after a failed departure and later got two days in Rome with no service whatsoever from the Airline).
Checking these shots and analyzing last day racing reaffirms the need to be a complete sailor and being able to handle 4 to 20 knots racing to race in the A-Class.
Later in the week I'll prepare a final report. In short every one can enjoy sailing the A-class, racing is just part of the fun, as foiling is too.

The Star of the Final day was Katrin Brunner, she was leading the top marks and in one only Ashby got mtrs behind her, that was an impressive performance with such a talented fleet.
Along Katrin George Reutter & Matthias Dietz show the fleet how to race in those conditions, Nikitas for Katrin & George, G6 for Mathias.
Marcin Badzio also performed with his floating  G6 and I expect him to be candidate for 2017 Sopot Worlds. Check more than 100 pics from the final racing day at IACA FB
Promoting the Sport:
I got hooked with the As and promoted like no one did before previous any foiling or even being IACA editor. Now it's feels really nice to be a part of it, and I'm pretty proud of my contribution all these past years. We might end orgainzing 2020 Worlds at BA too.

Although you cannot please all, and as someone well known in the industry told me last month: "It should be hard to have friends if you report what you see..."  Sometimes it is.
CSN is a personal blog web, not a Pulitzer Journalism oriented site. But I'm at ease, cause I'm always praising projects and I speak negatively of none (ISAF projects or AC excluded if needed...)

Every one of you know really well that no one promotes the sport of Catsailing as we do here, and that is best legacy of this website, bringing new sailors to cats and providing those already hooked with new alternatives to keep enjoying this great sport.

Having from unknown sailors to top legends asking me about getting an A past days is a confirmation of what I feel is the most important thing above all, which is solely the promotion of sailing and racing cats.
Another known sailor, Paul Larsen, the fastest sailor in the Planet (Vestas Rocket)  got back home with one from Punta Ala.

On a final note for those boat park talks on "people paying me to talk good on 'x' or 'y'" ... please tell me where that money is!! Cause I need to cover the entire budget of this great trip to cover the Worlds I funded my self asap, banks are calling...
In the other hand I received lots of greetings at Punta Ala from people I don´t even knew before or from Larsen himself, as the mails I receive often just saying "I enjoy your web, just keep it up!"

Others tell me CSN has lots of influence on the Catsailing scene,  but complaining that promoting X project doing good is hurting Y, it's not a fair remark.
So when I receive high complains from those having an extra exposure here in CSN over the years,  on me 'hurting their business' on simply showing racing action or sailing tests or alternatives to their own products I helped them at large to promote and sell ...

I know I'm in the right track.